Monthly Archives: July 2010

Listen to Oprah: Don’t Text and Drive!

Oprah has teamed with Liberty Mutual Insurance company to get the word out… texting while driving is NOT safe!! Vehicular accidents are the #1 killer of teenagers in America. When it comes to teen driving, the danger of text messaging … Continue reading

Don’t Let Fido Take a Bite Out of Your Wallet!!

Did you know you are held liable by law if your dog bites someone? A person who is bit by a dog can sue the owner for any amount they wish! Homeowners insurance will protect you if you are held … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Looking for ways to save money on your auto insurance? Read below for the top 10 ways to save! SHOP AROUND. All companies have different rates for your location, type of car, and driving history. Some cater to clean drivers, … Continue reading