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Happy Halloween!


Play it Safe this Halloween

                  Whether your kids are dressed as a hot dog or another delicious treat, smart parents can ensure a safe Halloween by accompanying small children around their neighborhood. If children are old … Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Car Crash

          With stormy weather right around the corner it is more important now to drive safe on the road.   Unfortunately, too many trips on the road will end up being memorable for the wrong reasons, … Continue reading

Water Leak in Your Home? Follow These Steps

    Here in California, the Bay Area got soaked over the past weekend. Did you sprout a new water leak in your home? Are you just now discovering water damage? Follow these emergency guidelines to properly mitigate the damage … Continue reading

Should You Be Worried About Your Appliance Hoses?

              There’s a ticking time bomb in your Tri-Valley, CA house right now, waiting to strike when you least expect it. In fact, there might even be more than one. And each can cause … Continue reading

Winter-Proof Your Home Before Winter Storms Begin

          Although it may be hard to imagine preparing for winter storms today since it is still sunny and warm outside, now is the perfect time to “winter-proof” your home. Many winter-related disasters in your home … Continue reading

Home Security is Easier — and Better — Than Ever

          Think home security in California. is still about bulky camera equipment and wires running all throughout your home? Think again.   Today, things have changed quite a bit, and the playing field has been leveled. Advanced … Continue reading