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Water Claims on the Rise

    Recently we have been seeing more water claims than ever! Because of this new trend, we want to pass on some helpful information for water claims as well as tips to help you protect your home to avoid a … Continue reading

Uninsured Motorists Are On The Rise

            The economic downturn has had numerous effects on our country. One of these is the increase in uninsured motorists on the road. According to new estimates from the Insurance Research Council, one in seven … Continue reading

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Insurance Claims Are Soaring!

          The rain has finally made an appearance this season. That means that we have already had a few calls for weather-related claims. Leaking roofs, fences blowing down, and of course auto incidents because of the … Continue reading

Kids Headed Off to College?

        We know it seems like just yesterday your kids were headed off to their first day of kindergarten. But amidst the tears and sadness you feel as your children head off to college, there are some … Continue reading

Auto Insurance Fraud is Costing Policyholders Millions

  During these uncertain times it is no surprise that fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise. Criminals are staging accidents to collect on innocent victims insurance policies, which is costing policyholders and insurers millions of dollars every year. That … Continue reading

Tips For Making Sure You Are Properly Covered For A Disaster

This year has already seen multiple earthquakes, tornadoes, and a tsunami that rocked the world. Extreme weather is as terrifying as it is uncontrollable. That is why it is so important to make sure your home is property covered in … Continue reading

May 15-21 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Owning dogs is a fun and rewarding experience, however, if not dealt with responsibly, dogs can become a tremendous liability. “Dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims paid out in 2010, costing nearly $413 … Continue reading

Schedule Your Valuables Today!!!

Do you have a diamond ring? A fur coat? Even a stamp collection? If so, are you sure that it is covered correctly under your home insurance policy? You might be surprised to find out that items such as jewelry and … Continue reading

Flood Safety Awareness Week

Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 14-18. This year it is more important than ever after the devastation Japan is facing right now. It is important to be aware that even if you are not in a designated flood area, … Continue reading