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Educate Yourself on Motorcycle Safety

        As the weather gets warmer outside most motorcycle riders are beginning to ride more often. Now is the best time to review your motorcycle insurance to make sure you are properly covered! In addition, please take … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Local Independent Insurance Agency

                1. Know the difference between independent agents and other insurance agents or carriers.  An independent agent represents a number of different insurance companies. In contrast, agents who represent large national companies only … Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs an Umbrella Policy

              If you are ever sued, your standard homeowners or auto policy will provide you with some liability coverage, paying for judgments against you and your attorney’s fees, up to a limit set in … Continue reading

Avoiding Distractions While Driving Could Save Your Life!

      You’ve seen them on the roads; you might even know a few of them.   And you could be one yourself.   Distracted drivers in come in all shapes, sizes, ages and experience levels. Even if you’re … Continue reading

Water Claims on the Rise

    Recently we have been seeing more water claims than ever! Because of this new trend, we want to pass on some helpful information for water claims as well as tips to help you protect your home to avoid a … Continue reading

Uninsured Motorists Are On The Rise

            The economic downturn has had numerous effects on our country. One of these is the increase in uninsured motorists on the road. According to new estimates from the Insurance Research Council, one in seven … Continue reading

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Insurance Claims Are Soaring!

          The rain has finally made an appearance this season. That means that we have already had a few calls for weather-related claims. Leaking roofs, fences blowing down, and of course auto incidents because of the … Continue reading

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Kids Headed Off to College?

        We know it seems like just yesterday your kids were headed off to their first day of kindergarten. But amidst the tears and sadness you feel as your children head off to college, there are some … Continue reading

Do You Have A Full House? You Need Life Insurance!!

        Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month? With that in mind, we’re gonna lay some cold hard facts on you about life insurance. 7 in 10 American households with children under 18 would … Continue reading

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