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Home Security Technology

Home Security is Easier — and Better — Than Ever Think home security in California. is still about bulky camera equipment and wires running all throughout your home? Think again. Today, things have changed quite a bit, and the playing field has been … Continue reading

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Reduce Car Accident Risk

3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Car Crash Summer is here, and the warmer weather often prompts people in the Bay Area to hop in their cars for weekend (or longer) road trips. Unfortunately, too many of … Continue reading

RV-Friendly Routes

  5 Tips to Plan the Best RV Route It’s summer – prime RV season in California. But, even if you know where you want to go, do you know how to get there? After all, driving an RV is a … Continue reading

Savings Choices

  Making Smart Savings Choices In today’s unsettled economy, many people are looking for ways to stretch their money—but sometimes this includes altering insurance coverages to dangerously low levels or eliminating coverage entirely. If you’re thinking about changing your coverage … Continue reading

Tips for Save Driving in your RV

  With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning your RV trip. Whether you’re heading to Southern California or planning your getaway a lot farther from home, you’ll want to make the trip safely. At … Continue reading

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Buying A New Car

Things to keep in mind when buying a car   Buying a new car is an exciting time — but it can also be stressful. After all, you’re trying to get the best deal on price, while also deciding on … Continue reading

Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Spring Break is here! For some, that means it’s time for a vacation. We all look forward to vacations. Whether you’re planning on soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, or camping in a local park, it’s great to … Continue reading

I’m Borrowing my Friend’s Car… Am I Covered?

            Most people have an idea of what’s covered and not covered under their various insurance policies. But at Gene Morgan Insurance Agency, we get a lot of questions about borrowing or loaning a car. … Continue reading

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What to do After a Major Water Leak or Indoor Flood

          In California we have been experiencing heavy rain over the past few months. We thought now would be a great time to remind people what to do in the event of an emergency water leak … Continue reading

Protect your family from the ‘silent killer’

        Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, invisible gas that results when certain fuels do not burn completely. And it can be deadly. That’s why it’s important to know how to prevent it, detect it, and protect … Continue reading

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