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Protect Your Home While On Vacation

We recommend taking the following preventative measures to keep your home and personal belongings safe: Keep your home well-lit. Mount exterior lights in your yard or on your house so that they are out of reach of would-be burglars. Put … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Summer is well underway, and with the warm weather comes fun in swimming pools! Before you allow children and families to swim in the pool in your backyard, please take these pool safety tips into consideration. General Pool Safety Enclose … Continue reading

Summer Fun!

It’s summer! That means it’s time to break out your boat, jet ski, RV, and ATV, and head up to the mountains or the lake and have some fun!! Before the fun starts though, you should make sure that you … Continue reading

Storage Tips for Summer Toys

No matter where you live, cooler temperatures will soon be here. You may be thinking about how that will impact your summer powersports toys over the next few months. Here are some useful tips for storing your season toys: For … Continue reading

Planning a Late Summer Trip?

Well then pack your bag and call your insurance agent to ask about travel insurance! Did you know you can get insurance for trip cancellation, missed connections, and trip interruption? It’s true! Travel insurance is reasonably priced and could be a … Continue reading

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Boating Insurance FAQs

          We’re right in the thick of summer, and boat owners should all be assessing their insurance needs if they do not carry boat insurance already.     If you have a boat, you need boat … Continue reading

Jet Ski & Wave Runner Safety

Stay Safe on Your Jet Skis™ and WaveRunners™ For a lot of people in the Bay Area, summer means getting out on the water. And you don’t even need a boat to do it. Personal watercraft, such as Jet Skis … Continue reading

Reduce Car Accident Risk

3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Car Crash Summer is here, and the warmer weather often prompts people in the Bay Area to hop in their cars for weekend (or longer) road trips. Unfortunately, too many of … Continue reading

RV-Friendly Routes

  5 Tips to Plan the Best RV Route It’s summer – prime RV season in California. But, even if you know where you want to go, do you know how to get there? After all, driving an RV is a … Continue reading

Cut Road Trip Costs

  Four Tips to Help Cut Road Trip Costs There’s no better way to see the country than a road trip, and it’s also the way to travel if you’re looking to keep costs under control. To that end, here … Continue reading