It’s almost summer!! That means luxurious vacations and adventures to exotic islands, right? Well, maybe for some of us, but most of us will work, go home and make dinner, and maybe go to a baseball game on the weekend.

 Times are tough right now and it is becoming harder and harder to go on all those vacations we wish we could be on. So why not save money where you can? Take a look at your insurance because you may be paying too much! We know insurance can be confusing, and you certainly don’t want to be underinsured. We want to do what we can to help educate you on what you are paying for and use our knowledge to find you the best coverage for the most competitive rate. We represent many companies including Safeco, Allied, Progressive, Victoria, MetLife and more!

If you are interested in a quote, or you just want to be more informed about what you are paying for, call us today! Next year you may just be able to afford that vacation you’ve always wanted!!