Looking for ways to save money on your auto insurance? Read below for the top 10 ways to save!

  1. SHOP AROUND. All companies have different rates for your location, type of car, and driving history. Some cater to clean drivers, some have better rates for drivers with activity on their record. Make sure when your purchase auto insurance you shop around! Independent agents can assist with this-they represent many companies and can place you with their best carrier.
  2. PACKAGE DISCOUNT. This is a huge discount. Companies will discount your auto policy anywhere from 10-20% if you package it with a homeowner’s or renter’s policy. In turn you will save on those policies as well. Packaged policies almost always are less expensive than separate policies with different companies.
  3. MULTI-CAR DISCOUNT. If you are married, or live with your significant other, all cars in the household should be on the same policy. Multi-car discounts on a policy are high, usually around 20-25%.
  4. DEDUCTIBLES. If you can afford to do so, choose the higher deductible. People with $100 deductibles can save hundreds a year by choosing a $500 or even a $1,000 deductible on comprehensive and collision coverages. Also, if you are worried about having too high of a comp deductible that won’t cover your windshield, many companies offer higher deductibles with a glass endorsement that will cover you.
  5. REMOVE COMP & COLLISION ON OLD VEHICLES. This will save you a lot on your insurance every year. If your vehicle is not worth more than a few thousand dollars, remove comprehensive and collision. Any damage to your vehicle caused by another party is their responsibility. You can even choose to get uninsured motorist coverage for your vehicle, in case you get hit by an uninsured driver.
  6. MILEAGE. Be very accurate with your estimated mileage for the year. You might be paying more than you have to. If you live and work in the same town, the average annual mileage is probably around 8,000. The less you drive per year, the less your insurance will cost.
  7. LOYALTY DISCOUNTS. If you are getting a good price year after year with the same company, try not to switch. Most companies begin to offer discounts after being with them for 3 years, which increases year after year.
  8. AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS. Paying your premium in full will avoid all extra billing fees. However if you need to pay monthly, set up your account on automatic deductions from a checking account, or choose to have a recurring credit card charge. Companies waive their billing fees with these options.
  9. AFFINITY DISCOUNTS. Ask your agent about occupation discounts, which are usually around 5%. Most offer discounts for teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and people with certain degrees in college.
  10. ASK YOUR AGENT FOR ALL DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Each company offers different discounts, and your agent will know this best. Carriers can offer discounts for car alarms, Onstar features, etc. Be sure to review your policy with your agent to maximize your discount potential.

Be sure to review your auto policy today! You could be missing out on huge discounts! If you need help, be sure to call your agent. They will review your policy and add any discount applicable to you.