Well then pack your bag and call your insurance agent to ask about travel insurance! Did you know you can get insurance for trip cancellation, missed connections, and trip interruption? It’s true! Travel insurance is reasonably priced and could be a real lifesaver when the unexpected happens.

No matter how good you plan, things can go wrong. What if you are overseas and your wallet gets stolen? Your phone? What if you are traveling alone? There are so many what if scenarios when considering travel. Why not buy something you know you can count on? Don’t take the chance of ruining your vacation when something unexpected happens. Here are a few other things travel insurance may cover:

  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay
  • Identity theft resolution
  • Medical or dental expense
  • Travel accidents

If your agent doesn’t sell travel insurance, here is a great site that can give you some information on travel insurance and even a quote! Go to  Start protecting your vacation today!