A real tree in your home can be a fire hazard, and even more so if it goes unwatered. Always keep your tree safe and clear of any decorations that can spark a flame near your tree, such as candles and other hazardous decorations.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (, there are an average of 240 home structure fires every year that begin with Christmas trees. Home Christmas tree fires caused an average of 13 deaths, 27 injuries, and $16.7 million in direct property damage.

There are various causes of these Christmas tree fires. Electrical failures or malfunctions were involved in one-third of the home Christmas tree structure fires. One in five occurred because some type of hear source was too close to the tree. Decorative lights with involved in 13% of the fires, and 11% of home Christmas tree fires were started by candles.

So have a safe Christmas season this year… Keep your Christmas tree watered and clear from any hazards!