Leaky Roof

Here in California, the Bay Area got soaked over the past weekend. Did you sprout a new water leak in your home? Are you just now discovering water damage? Follow these emergency guidelines to properly mitigate the damage to your home.

  1. Immediately call ServPro or another emergency service to stop and clean up the water damage. These contractors are available 24/7. The sooner they are called, the better.
  2. Try to clean up as much water damage to your home as possible. Remember to be safe and turn off any electrical if there is the possibility of electrocution.
  3. Dry off and clean furniture if damaged. Place aluminum foil between furniture and wet carpet, remove all art and décor in a safe, dry place.
  4. Call claim in to your insurance carrier to begin process. A field adjuster will be sent to your home to assess damage and begin repairs.
  5. Most importantly, make yourself available and work with the insurance adjuster in an efficient manner. Remember, these people are working your behalf and will only work as quickly as you are able to work with them.