Sure, we may not be quite as suave or have awesome gadgets made out of everyday items, but we help you when it really matters. I mean, how often are you going to be chased down by some nefarious villain? It is more likely that you will have a claim on your insurance policy.

Some people may think that an agent is just a middle man and therefore a hassle, but it is simply not true. We work for YOU. If you have a claim, a problem with your current coverage, or a question about what is or is not covered, would you rather talk to a customer service rep at a big company and be passed around from person to person? Or, would you rather talk to a local agent who you know and who you are comfortable with? We understand what can be an extremely confusing industry, and want to help you understand what exactly you are paying for.

Buying insurance online from a big company is easy and seemingly hassle free, but when the problems start where do you go from there? Are you sure you know exactly what kind of coverage you have? Who do you call in the event of a claim?

Call a local agent today and rest assured you are being taken care of. We may only be able to give you a pen that is actually a pen, and not a laser beam, but we don’t think you will be disappointed.