Every fall, college students head back to campus and the things that travel with them get more sophisticated. It’s important to understand the limits of your property coverage that will follow your student to college, whether its across the state of across the country.

Personal Property

Students find very creative ways to fill their living space with a lot of personal possessions. Often this includes higher-ticket items like laptops, smart phones, tablet computers, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and video game systems. And depending on their academic interest, they may also have additional items to keep track of; such as photography equipment or a musical instrument.

Standard personal property coverage for a student away from home is 10% of their parents’ homeowners Coverage C limit, or $1,000, whichever is greater. This also applies to condo or tenant policies.

To ensure high-value items are fully covered, we suggest scheduling important items on your policy. They will be coverage for the full stated value with no deductible applied!

Auto Coverage

When a student’s car is part of their parents’ multi-car policy, coverage follows the car to college anywhere in the U.S. However, to accurately rate the premium, it’s important to let us know where the car will be garaged while away at school. The premium for the new location could be higher or lower than the family’s primary residence.

An additional coverage to always consider while a student is away at school is Roadside Assistance. This will provide you and your student peace of mind in case of an accident, breakdown, or empty gas tank while they’re traveling.

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