Michelle Morgan

In California, there are a few insurance companies that automatically include enrollment into a Wildfire Defense Program in designated high-risk wildfire locations for their homeowner’s insurance policy holders.  The program can provide crews to remove overgrown vegetation, fuel tanks or trash from the property. They may also use temporary sprinkler systems or fire engines and, in some situations, will apply fire-blocking gel to protect homes.

Sprinkler systems: Each WDS vehicle is equipped with a deployable sprinkler system with its own water source/tank which may be set up on the policyholder’s property. Wildfire response crews do not use the property owner’s water to supply the sprinkler system.

Fire-blocking gel: This is a fire-preventing and heat-absorbing Class A fire retardant. The gel solution molecules adhere directly to the house and quickly extinguish any flames or burning materials that come into contact with the gel. After the threat of the fire has passed, WDS will wash the gel from the insured’s home. The gel solution is 98% water, which will evaporate over time. The 2% of residual gel product will photo-degrade over time. Wildfire Defense Systems uses an environmentally compatible gel approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service. Similar gel products are used in municipal water treatment and baby diapers.

Only Wildfire Defense Systems and the insurance company can determine who might be eligible a wildfire event. It is important to know that it must be safe for a team to be dispatched.

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