Michelle Morgan

No matter where you live, cooler temperatures will soon be here. You may be thinking about how that will impact your summer powersports toys over the next few months. Here are some useful tips for storing your season toys:

For Motorcycles:

  • Top off your fuel tank and add high-quality fuel stabilizer designed for the type of fuel you use (gasoline or diesel).
  • Change the oil and filter. Used oil contains contaminants which can create sludge and corrosion. For boats, also change the lower unit lubrication. Run your engine for a few minutes with the new oil and fuel stabilizer to distribute them in the engine.
  • Remove the battery and store it in a dry, cool place away from children and pets. Check the electrolyte level on conventional batteries (on a flat surface). Add distilled water to correct levels if necessary. Charge the batter to the manufacturer’s recommendations during storage.

For boats:

  • Make sure all of the water is out of the engine and exhaust manifolds, fresh water systems and live bait wells; winterize the cooling system using ethyl-glycol antifreeze (pink RV-type); if you’re inexperienced, have a qualified shop do it for you.
  • Boats stored outside may benefit from shrink wrapping or a canvas cover; in either case, adequate ventilation is required to prevent moisture entrapment.
  • Inspect your trailer bearings, replace the bearing seals and make sure they are well-greased; while they’re off, check the tires for wear and dry rot, and replace if necessary.
  • If you have trailer brakes, make sure they operate and aren’t worn excessively; if you’re unfamiliar with completing trailer maintenance, have a qualified shop perform it for you.

Contact your insurance agent to make sure they’ve got the correct information for where you store your off-season powersport toys for the winter!