Michelle Morgan

Unlike Halloween 2020, we hope kids are able to get out of the house and safely trick-or-treat this year!

Whether your kids are dressed as a hot dog or another delicious treat, smart parents can ensure a safe Halloween by accompanying small children around their neighborhood. If children are old enough to explore the neighborhood on their own, advice them to visit homes where they know they’ll be welcome. If the house is dark and uninviting, tell the kids to stay away!

Parents should also leave their porch light on once it’s dark. It will signal that you welcome kids and it will also help brighten the neighborhood.

Warn children to stay on the sidewalk and to cross the streets carefully. It’s also a good idea to put reflective tape on costumes or trick-or-treat bags and to arrange for youngsters to go out in groups rather than individually. And be sure to:

  • Make sure costumes aren’t loose-fitting, which would cause them to trip and fall.
  • Use make-up instead of masks. Some masks can obstruct the child’s vision.
  • Make sure all costumes are made of non-flammable material.
  • Keep lighted jack-o-lanterns and candles away from children to flammable materials.
  • Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.

We also urge motorists to drive slowly in residential areas and to honk their horns on dimly lit streets to alert children. Drivers need to watch out for youngsters crossing against the light, daring out from between parked cars and walking in the street.

And most importantly, have fun!