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Personal auto policies will not cover business vehicles or business activity.

This is not something you should gamble with as insurance companies will deny claims if your vehicle is used for business.

As independent insurance agents we work with dozens of insurance companies for business auto insurance to place you with the best policy that fits within your budget. Whether you have a sales team fleet or operate as an independent contract, we can assist!

California also requires many to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance which can be as high as $750,000 or $1,000,000. This can also depend on the type or weight of your vehicle. Contact us today to find out the needs for your business.

Over the years commercial auto insurance rates and regulations have changed steadily. Having an independent agent allows you the peace of mind to know your renewal will be reviewed for accuracy and shopped around for better options on annual basis. Contact us today for your free business insurance quote!

We offer commercial auto insurance for food truck businesses, click here for a quote

Own a food truck?

We can help you!

Mobile food trucks require specialized coverage different from other industries. Contact us today for your free coverage assesment!