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Property insurance coverage is something every business needs.

Whether you own your own building, lease, or work from home, you need property insurance to protect your business.

If any of the following items are used within your business, you need property insurance to protect your business:

  • Building & contents within
  • Furniture, tools, & equipment
  • Computer & electronic components
  • Factory machinery
  • Inland marine & ocean cargo
  • Tractors & equipment used in the field
  • Inventory
  • Jobsite materials to be installed
  • Property of others in your control
  • Important documents
  • Building structures while under construction prior to completion

Lessor’s risk policies provide liability and property protection for building owners who lease their space to business owners.

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Business income coverage & extra expense coverage

If your business generates income (and we sure hope it does!), you cannot overlook business income & extra expense coverage.

This covers your loss of income when damage from a covered claim causes a slowdown or suspension of business operations. Too many businesses are forced to shut down when a claim occurs, you must protect your income!

We work with dozens of insurance carriers and can customize a policy for your property that fits within your budget, while providing the protection you need.