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It can protect your business from a professional error that is made. Claims are typically related to negligence, poor advice, and unintentional misrepresentation, among other items.

Costly mistakes can happen even to the most experienced of professionals. Protect the future of your business with errors and omissions insurance today!

Types of industries that need professional liability insurance are:

Engineers and architects: E&O Insurance can protect your business from lawsuits over alleged mistakes that you made in the performance of your services.

Beauty industry: Hair dressers, barbers, estheticians, etc. are all at risk for professional liability insurance claims. This coverage can sometimes be an add-on to basic general liability insurance policies or purchased on it’s own.

Consultants: Protect your business from bad advice you may give a client!

Lawyers and legal professionals: Protect yourself from malpractice lawsuits!

Technology companies: From website design to software hardware development, technology professional liability is imperative should the technology fail or the design be incorrect.

Real Estate Professionals: Protect yourself or your firm from losses that occur from negligence or errors & omissions that may occur throughout your clients’ real estate transactions.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice insurance is coverage for medical professionals when they make an error or omission on a patient. These mistakes can sometimes be life or death and lawsuits can be in the many millions. Protect yourself and your business with adequate medical malpractice insurance.

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Coverage

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Coverage is also something businesses should consider if they collect sensitive information. Be sure to ask us to include this coverage if your business collects sensitive data from your clients or consumers.

Management Liability Insurance and Directors & Officers (D&O)

Our agency also offers Management Liability Insurance and Directors & Officers (D&O) coverages for your firm or non-profit.

As independent agents we can quote and compare options from multiple carriers on your behalf!