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Own a classic?

You need customized insurance for to protect your most prized possession. Standard insurance will not cover your classic at an agreed or guaranteed value. Classic car insurance can also include coverage for modified vehicles, additional coverage while they are being modified, spare parts coverage, and reimbursement for trip expense or injury at car-related events or shows.

Most often the premium on a classic auto policy is less than a standard policy if you have another primarily vehicle. Call us today to review your options!

Teen drivers?

Not only does having a teen driver in your household cause unforeseen stress, it can also quickly kill your budget. Most insurance companies will charge at least double that of a more experienced driver for a teen driver. Working with an independent insurance agency gives you the options to shop around as your needs change!

Providing auto insurance for over 65 years

Do you drive passengers for hire?

Standard car insurance policies will exclude coverage while the vehicle is being driven for ride-share companies. We work with insurance companies that will extend coverage! Call us today at (925) 447-2565 or submit a quote request online for your free quote.

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Are you an AARP member?

We are authorized to offer The Hartford’s Auto Insurance Program! Contact us today for your auto insurance quote that includes special rates for AARP members.

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