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Floods are our nation’s most costly natural disaster and cause millions in damage every year.

Flood damage is not covered on a homeowner insurance policy; you need to purchase a flood insurance policy in order to have coverage for flood damage.

Floods can happen anywhere, more than 20% of flood claims are for homes located in a low-risk zone. Flood damage is not just a result of storms, flooding can be caused by dams or levees breaking and new development that changes how water flows.

Deductibles are low on flood insurance policies and claims are handled quickly.

Don’t risk not having protection, damage from just one inch of water in your home can cost well over $20,000!

Many areas of California experienced flooding during the 2016-2017 winter season. Rains are predicted to be heavy again this year. It is important to note that all flood insurance policies come with a 30 day waiting period, which means you will not be covered until 30 days after your policy is issued and paid for.

Own a commercial building? We can place flood insurance on commercial properties, too!