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Home Insurance

Your home is your most valuable asset, and we want to be sure that it is protected.

For almost 70 years our agency has been protecting homeowners in California. We work with dozens of insurance companies to find the best product for you. Contact us today for your free homeowner’s insurance quote!

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance is different from your standard homeowner insurance.

Typically, you have a master HOA policy that will cover the exterior walls, but everything from the walls-in is your responsibility. You also need to carry enough protection for your personal belongings and liability. Contact us today for your customized condo insurance quote!

Renters Insurance

We also have many low-cost options for renters!

Renters often overlook the importance of insurance, but what would you do if your home caught fire, could you replace all your belongings? Or if you are sued? Renters Insurance comes with personal liability coverage to protect you. Renters Insurance also comes with loss of use, which will pay for the extra expense you incur should a claim happen. If your home gets flooded from a burst pipe and will take 5 weeks to repair, where would you stay?

Contact us today for your free renter’s insurance quote.

It costs less than you think!

Hard to place needs?
We have many options for homes in brush areas, vacation homes, vacant, etc.