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Landlord Protection insurance (dwelling fire or lessor’s risk) is coverage for landlords that rent residential properties to tenants.

More than just protection from damage to the structure itself, it also protects you from certain types of liability that is unique to landlords.

As independent agents, we work with many insurance carriers that have specialty productions for the needs of landlords. We will do the shopping for you to find a policy that best fits your needs and budget. From single family dwellings to large apartment buildings, we do it all!

Do you own many rental dwellings? Some insurance carriers may place a limit on the amount of income properties you can own. We work with plenty of carriers who will insure an individual or business with an infinite amount of locations.

Own a vacation rental? We can insure that also! We work with many carriers who are able to insure homes that are leased out on a short-term vacation rental basis.

We also have many options for your tenant’s renter’s insurance needs as well. Refer your tenants to our agency for renters insurance for that peace of mind you deserve as a landlord.

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